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                  About Us
                  We professionally and efficiently provide customers with high-quality products, creating value in our products.
                  Aoshikang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aoshikang”) adheres to the corporate mission of "Connecting the World, Leading the Future." After 18 years of steady growth, it has now become a joint-stock enterprise consisting of multiple operating entities, which are Aoshikang Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong SEEGEM Circuit Co., Ltd. and Sundell Technology Co., Ltd. The company was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 1, 2017 (stock code: 002913), with current total assets of about 7.7 billion RMB.
                  • 2017

                    Listing Time

                  • 7.7 billion RMB

                    Total Assets

                  • 19.57%

                    Average Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Revenue

                  • 002913

                    Stock Code

                  Technological innovation
                  In the journey towards the future,
                  Aoshikang Group is committed to evolving with the times and continuously innovating.
                  Bestowing brilliance upon clients, reserving applause for the rear.
                  Quality Assurance

                  At Aoshikang, our goal in quality assurance is the timely delivery of defect-free products. To achieve this, we adopt proactive and preventative strategies in our operations. These approaches are standardized and implemented by our Manufacturing Management Team. We adhere strictly to customer inspection specifications and IPC standards, pay close attention to customer feedback, and provide prompt and swift responses. Our quality and process improvement are enhanced through external assessments and internal audits.

                  Product Application
                  At Aoshikang, we relentlessly pursue perfection.
                  The successful operation of each project marks not only a point of glory but also a starting point for surpassing ourselves.
                  We are pioneers in turning the “impossible” into “possible”.
                  Our focus and dedication strengthen our belief in limitless possibilities!
                  Aoshikang Globally
                  Our business operations span across the globe.
                  In addition to our marketing departments in Hong Kong, Hunan Yiyang, and Guangdong Zhaoqing, over the past two decades, we have established sales teams and corresponding business units in Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, France, and the USA. These teams support the development and market expansion of our high-end product business.
                  • Canada
                  • America office
                  • Mexico
                  • Brazil
                  • France office
                  • Tunisia
                  • Singapore office
                  • Korea
                  • Japan
                  • Australia
                  • china
                  • HuaBei
                  • HuNan
                  • HuaNan
                  • GuangDong
                  • Taiwan
                  • TaiGuo
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